Weak? Who’s weak?

Imagine you are violently punched by a person (or 2, or 3, or 5) who is/are the double than you and then your nose is bleeding. Would you say you are weak for having let them punch you and bleeding? If you bang yourself badly on a table and get bruises, would you say you …

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No me llames superviviente. Soy viva.

He sido victima de varios crimenes sexuales y violación. He sobrevivido. Entiendo que, de alguna forma, soy una superviviente. Entiendo porque algunas victimas revindican el estatus de superviviente. Pero no para mi. No me reconozco con esa palabra. Si, es verdad que he sobrevivido a horribles crimenes pero no quiero sobrevivir. Quiero ser viva, sentirme …

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Don’t call me a survivor. I do not want to survive.

I've been a victim of various sexual assaults, rape attempts and rape. I survived. In a way, I agree I am a survivor. I understand why some victims waant te be called suvivors. It is the step over the status of victim. We are not victim anymore, we are survivors, we are still here. Yes. …

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Why don’t victims report rape?

TW : Rape One of the most common question we hear  when we talk about sexual violence and rape is "Why didn't she report it immediately to the police?". Like if it was obvious. Well, if someone hit you with a baseball bat to take your wallet you will report it. If someone punch you to …

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