What were you wearing?

Well, this is what I was wearing:

“You too are showing your ass?” South France 2001. 1pm at the train station. (ok,it is not exactly the same skirt. The one I was wearing at that time was longer. Yes, you read right, it was longer).
“You call me tomorrow? No??? Fuck you racist blond bitch”South of France spring 1999. A big avenue in the afternoon.
A hand grabbed my ass. South of France, winter 2000. 20:30 in front of my home. I was back from a class.
“I can see you’re an high class hooker. I’m sure you’re very expensive.” South of France 2001, crowded city center in the middle of the afternoon.


Good evening pretty girl. Don’t wanna answer me? Hey whore! WHORE!!!“Paris, gare St Lazare early evening, 2008.
You say only thank you? Next time I screw you against the wall you slut!!“Paris, Place Trinité d’Orves, winter 2009. I was losing the belt of my coat and this guy pointed it out. I thanked him and he replied this.
Do you have light? No? You suck well then?“Paris, Place de l’Etoile, Fall 2008. 2 young guys at the RER exit.
Dick sucker” Paris, rue du Scribe, beside the Opera. I was going to a ballet performance. Fall 2009.
The man seating next me grabbed my thigh. RER B, France 2010. I was back from a ballet class and couldn’t manage to have a shower. I was sweaty and with messy hair.

This is just a small selection of all I heard in my life just because I was a girl/woman alone in the street.
I remember these incidents and what I was exactly wearing because they occured on a day, a moment I had something special to do. But there were much, much more.
I feel better where I live now. I’ve got some unwanted comments but not as much as when I was living in France. May be it’s time to get over with this “seduction” which is in fact harassment.




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