Don’t get raped or don’t rape? … A locked pants story

TW! So, as you have probably already seen in the media those last days, a German company has created an anti-rape pants. Wow! I do not put any link as you probably know what it is about and you can easily find it anyways. The pants come with coded lock and loud alarm in case …

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Love yourself

Valentine day... What about loving yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you love who you are? I do love myself. I do love who I am. But it is pretty new. I spent years hating myself. Hating absolutely everything of me. I had to go through a lot of steps to start to love and …

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Our silence makes them stronger

Beside the assaults themselves, the most painful for me was the silence. I always wanted to speak up, to scream to get all the pain out. I just couldn't. The assaults by themselves were so traumatic that they let me in shock and voiceless. Really. I froze and disconnected like a lot of people do …

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